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Save Our Streets (SOS) Delhi




Welcome to our web site SOS Delhi!
We believe in making the streets of Delhi friendly to the users.
We advocate against Gates, Barriers and Humps and other Traffic Calmers.

The purported claim is that we must be willing and prepared to give up our freedoms to preserve our security. The authoritarian side of our society revels in the opportunities to protect us from our enemies, real and imagined.

 Despite all the high blown rhetoric, the real reason some residents support gates, barriers and humps is to divert traffic to somebody else's street or neighborhood.

If we reject the surrender of our freedoms for the false promise of security we will have rendered this violent criminal act of obstructing "public Streets" with gates and barriers impotent and futile.

Freedom is not given, it is taken. Freedom is not lost, it is given away

Article sent to Press:

Gates & Barriers in Delhi Colonies(htm version)

Gates & Barriers in Delhi Colonies(Word Version)


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Humps tend to privatize public streets, giving undue power to one person (or persons) who live on a street while depriving the rest of the neighborhood a voice.

It is still unfair to other residents who use the street and paid as much in taxes for it as those who happen to live along it.


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